Our Vision

The school of choice for our community, one of the best schools in Western Australia, and a driving force in the development of the dynamic Pilbara region.

We take pride in the all-round achievement of our students and strive to instil high personal goals through various academic and sporting initiatives and extra curricula programmes.

Technology and Enterprise

Design and Technology Department

Our main aim in Design and Technology is to engage the students in the variety of subjects we offer. The idea is for the students to have some fun while they learn. Through this, students are actively involved in designing and making projects with their own hands. They also learn about the application of the design process and the elements that make successful design. While enjoying this learning experience, students complete the relevant theory and safety precautions so that they are able to independently operate tools and machinery in the workshop. We strive for students to reach their full potential and gain confidence in approaching any given problem.

Our Motto: Let’s make learning Fun

There are a variety of subjects that fall under the Design and Technology Umbrella. From Year 8 to Year 10, students are introduced to Metalwork, Model making, Tackle shop, Technical drawing, Information Technology, Electronics and Design. In Year 11 and Year 12 students focus on Technical Graphics, Materials Design and Technology with a focus on metals as well as Building and Construction. There are quite a few activities that the students are involved in, as well as community projects and work around the school done by the senior students.

Food Technology

Food Technology provides a variety of life skills starting with the basics in Year 8 and working up to more challenging experiences as students progress through Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 if they choose too.

Through practical tasks students are able to develop, reinforce and apply their culinary skills and techniques along with increasing their confidence. Students work in pairs, groups and individually; encouraging co-operation, respect, self-management and self-discipline. As they plan, prepare and produce culinary delights they not only enjoy the social aspects of this course but they are able to eat and share the products of their labour!

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