Yr 9 UWA Aspire Camp

The Year 9 UWA Aspire Camp held from 4-6 December was a busy one!  It was jam-packed with a variety of activities and events for students to participate in and explore.

Day 1: Student groups toured the UWA campus, on their way they stopped for a cheerleading activity!  Then onto a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the Art Gallery where they shared their interpretation of three artworks.  A ‘campus challenge’ followed, which consisted of a long walk around the campus and a list of questions that had to be answered. Students had to stop people and find out what they are studying and what year they were in, ask for a team photo, it was like a treasure hunt, looking for certain buildings so a photo could be taken.  Photos had to be documented as part of the challenge as evidence.

Later in the afternoon everyone joined back at Uni Hall for some teambuilding activities, where students had to build go-cart type models in a set time.

Dinner was eaten, where the starving students ate just about everything!

More team activities followed after dinner and included scrabble competitions, grouping students in two (that don’t know each other) and uniting rubber bands that connect them.  Again, broken into pairs (students that don’t know each other) had to draw each other – very funny, a great exercise.  Part of the focus with the teambuilding exercises were discussions around leadership, respect, trust and resilience.

Day 2: Students took part in a ZUMBA class after breakfast, then were divided into groups, each group rotating around the UWA Campus lecturer theatres and laboratories. During this time the students visited these faculty areas –

  • Sleep Science
  • Business
  • Architecture
  • Chemistry

The students boarded a bus and headed to Glow Rooms Australia in Fremantle for mini golf, followed by dinner and shopping at Garden City Shopping Centre.

Day 3: The students had some free time, with a few opting to play basketball.

Students then said thank you and goodbye to all the UWA Aspire Staff who assisted with the organisation and running of the camp which went off so smoothly.

We were very appreciative of the opportunity for our students, who all had a fabulous time. Students were awesome, so well mannered, polite and eager to find out more. They engaged well with other schools and staff.

Carol Potter
VET Coordinator