Year 9 Scone Challenge

The Year 9 Food for Health class has been experimenting with the good old scone recipe. This week they have tried Peppermint Crisp scones and Caramello Koala scones.

Did they like them?

Peppermint Crisp: Score 11 out of 17 liked them

Sam indicated: “It wasn’t an overwhelming flavour. It was a hint and you wanted to go back for more.”
While Millie and Lily believed that “it needed more peppermint”.

Caramello Koala: Score 12 out of 17 liked them

“It was nice and soft, and you could taste the chocolate,” mentioned Noah.
Matt said, “It wasn’t super sweet”.  
“It would be better to have a whole scone so you could get the flavour of the Chocolate Caramel,” Millie thought.

Recipe development at work. I cannot wait to taste more next week. If the recipes work, we will have a new scone recipe book to hand out to the whole Year 9 class.


Mrs Ana Anderson