Year 9 Scone Challenge – Part 2

The Year 9 Food for Health class had the final challenge of their Scone Bake Off.

And the results are in.

The Runner-up Scone was – Rocky Road made by Mackenzie. Alyssa believed “The gooey marshmallows had a nice stretch”. Matt indicated “The bitterness of the chocolate contrasted with the sweetness of the marshmallows”.

The overall WINNER was – Raspberry and White chocolate made by Emer, Madalyn and Lily

“Its texture was fluffy” explained Gracyn, and Matt liked “A good balance of fruit and sweet”.

“Not too much white chocolate and not too many raspberries. Just right.” Thought Samuel.


Other recipe ideas created were –

Alyssa and Gracyn – Caramello Koala Scones

Brantyn and Noah – Chocolate scone

Samual and Emen – Apple pie with spiced sauce scone

Emily – Apple pie with caramel sauce scone

Riley and Tobie – bacon and maple scone

Zane and Matt – Caramel M&M Scones

Abbey – raspberries and white chocolate scones

Katelyn and Marlina – Hershey Cookies and Cream Scones


Maybe some of these creative recipe ideas can inspire you to go home and bake a fresh batch of scones?


Mrs Ana Anderson