Year 9 Outdoor Education Excursion

Tuesday 9 March 2021 saw both Year 9 Outdoor Education classes travel to Honeymoon Cove for the snorkeling excursion. With ideal conditions and location, the students completed their snorkeling assessment before exploring the marine life in the area. A variety of marine was seen such as stingrays, cray fish, Spanish flags, juvenile Bluebone, Trevally, Snapper, Cod and Coral trout. With Jackie from Crackerjack Paddle Sports joining us as well, the students spent time learning how to standup paddle board. Jackie’s vibrancy and enthusiasm ensured an enjoyable time was had and we thank her for this. Stand out snorkeling performances go to Cohen Regan, Abbey Martin, Esther Willet-Green, Mitchell Utting and Alice Tunstead. After a beach clean-up, supporting Leave No Trace, students enjoyed an ice cream before the journey home. Thank you to Miss Laura Alban and Mr Wayne Sharpe for their time and efforts on the day.


Mr Clee Avard

Year 9 Outdoor Ed Teacher