Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp

The Year 9 Outdoor Education students recently took part in a two-day Kayaking Camp on East Intercourse Island, located in Dampier Archipelago.  The conditions whilst paddling to the island were quite challenging, with choppy seas, a swift headwind and a few students having to utilise their capsizing skills along the way! Despite this, all students made it across safely, and spent the evening playing water sports, fishing (one student managing to catch a fish!), exploring the island and finally ending the night with a game of spotlight, run by the amazing Miss Oberman.

Day two was another fun day in the sun. After a morning swim and beach activities, we packed up camp, did an ‘emu bob’ cleanup of the island, and got back on the kayaks. We found refuge on an island nearby, Sam’s Island, for a quick pit stop before returning to Dampier. Unfortunately, the GoPro (along with our camping footage) decided to take a little dive along the way – oops! By the end of the second day we were all a little tired, yet students worked well to re-pack the bus and clean/pack away all camp-related things, before returning home for a long-deserved weekend! Overall, it was a very eventful and fun-filled camp.

PS: No GoPros were harmed whilst on camp and special thanks to Mr Avard who saved the day and managed to rescue the escapee GoPro, along with editing and collating all the video footage… We hope you enjoy the video!

Mrs Brooke Collette
Outdoor Education Teacher