Year 7 Students First Weeks

The enthusiastic bunch of Year 7s started the first week of school with smiles, even though many of them were filled with nerves. Their first day eased them into the logistics of high school. Students had the opportunity to meet and get to know their pastoral care group, teacher and House Coordinator. These peers and teachers will be their support system for the year ahead.

Students were able to overcome their first challenge, which was the horrid lock combination. A twist right and a full twist left; this first challenge was a frustrating one. The amazing race helped with their second challenge, the bearings of the school. Students were running around all over the place, luckily for their determination and the guidance of their student leaders, Year 7s were able to accomplish the second challenge in no time. We were grateful to have our student leaders give up their last day of the holidays to help our Year 7s ease into their first day.

As the weeks progressed, the challenges only seemed easier. Many students have mastered their lock combination, logged into SEQTA, remembered their books for their subjects and where their classes were located. I was impressed by their passion to make new friends and their enthusiasm shown towards their learning.

Sharing some quality time during retreat and camp was essential. Although the adventurous water activities were a highlight of camp, students agreed it was a great opportunity to strengthen the bond between their peers and House Coordinators. We witnessed many students showcasing great leadership skills and listened to some impressive speeches for house council nominations. They just continued to impress!

We have pledged that we will work through the ups and downs that this year may bring and take time to celebrate the victories big or small.  I’m confident that we are going to have a wonderful year together.


Petrina Sladen
Year 7 Coordinator