Year 7 Enrolment Information

A Strong Focus On A Smooth Transition From Primary Into Secondary School

It is not unusual for children to be a little bit anxious about starting Secondary school. St Luke’s College has a strong focus on providing our students with a smooth transition from primary into secondary school. We want their experience to be fun, engaging and manageable so that our students get the most out of their first year. We have designed a specific program for Year 7 to ensure that students are guided and supported along the way.

Year 7: Ensuring A Smooth Transition Into Secondary School

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Enrolment Interview

All families are interviewed by the Principal prior to a place at the College being offered. Student applicants have the opportunity to discuss their attributes, their academic progress and any leadership roles they’ve held in primary school, along with being able to ask any questions about secondary school, transitioning or support.  

The Year 7 Programs includes:

Orientation Day

Orientation Day is a day for our enrolled Year 7 cohort, held in Term Four to meet their pastoral care group and coordinator. Students are involved in team building activities and learn more about the peers that they will start secondary school with. The purpose of the day is for students to be ready for their first day of secondary school, and to help students and parents minimize anxiety about the change.

A Day in the Life of: Year 7

A Day in the Life of Year 7 is a new initiative which was trialled in Term Four last year. The day provides students with an experience of what secondary school is all about. Students become familiar with new routines and trial classes for the first time. The day is important and exciting for new students, as they get to meet some of their teachers and begin to feel part of their new school.

Year 7s First Day Of Secondary School

Year 7 students commence their first day of secondary school one day prior to the other year levels and have the entire school to themselves. They are supported by their House Coordinators, Pastoral Care Teachers and Student Mentors who prepare them for the journey ahead.

Year 7 Camp

The purpose of the Year 7 Camp experience is to “bring students together”. The camp is essential for students merging into one school from several primary feeder schools.

The outdoor experience provides the opportunity for students to get to know one another, spend time with their Pastoral Care Group and Coordinator, and to develop and strengthen friendships. The Year 7 camp invites students to step outside their comfort zones and try new things for the first time.

Peer Support

The Year 10 peer mentors and lead mentor teacher facilitate a successful peer support program for our students in their first three terms of Year 7. The leadership and communication skills of the peer mentors help deliver a variety of exciting activities such as problem-solving tasks, tactical games, teamwork challenges and communicative games.

The aim of the program is to teach essential social skills needed for secondary school, and build connectedness with their peers and peer mentors so that they feel more confident and comfortable in their first year.

Transition Classes

Year 7 students are involved in a transition class once a week to help them with the challenges they may face in their first year of secondary school. Students learn how to manage the demands of schoolwork, homework and study, and how to be better organised and use ICT effectively.

The classes place a strong focus on building resilience, starting and maintaining friendships and establishing positive relationships with peers, teachers and parents.  Students also learn how to become great leaders and serve in our local community.

Primary School Visits

Primary school visits encourage networking between primary and secondary schools in our local community.

The program assists with our focus of developing young leaders here at St Luke’s College as it creates opportunity for students to demonstrate their leadership skills when working with younger children.

We are aware that many of our Year 7 students have been great leaders in their primary schools and would like to continue their love for leading in Year 7.