Year 11 Outdoor Education Camp

The Year 11 Outdoor Education students recently took part in a two-day camp on Malus Island, located in Dampier Archipelago.  On Day 1 the students spent the morning learning how to sail the small yachts, prepare them for sea with relevant safety equipment and correctly load them. Due to low winds the sails did not get a showing which allowed the Year 11s to demonstrate their recently acquired Skippers skills and knowledge and drive the 5HP engines. The trip took 2 hours to reach Mardie Bay, allowing the students to enjoy the picturesque views and swap roles between Skipper, communications and deckhand. Upon arrival to Malus island, time was spent unloading the yachts and setting them up on anchor for the overnight stop. Students then had the opportunity to go snorkeling and fishing. Once the students had cooked their dinner on the camp stoves, the night watch roster began. This involved 1.5 hour rosters to check anchors weren’t dragging.

Day 2 began early with little sleep by some and an early swim out to the boats readying them for the return trip. With some favourable winds, we were able to set the jib and mainsails and experience a quieter and more shaded return trip. Being a new experience for most of the students it was enjoyed until the winds stopped and the motoring began again. Back at Fairbridge camp school the pack down and tidying up of the vessels was completed quickly and effectively as a team. Overall, the camp was a learning experience for all and allowed the students to put into practice skills they had learnt through the course.

I would like to thank Ms Sharni-Lee Rowe and Kali Oberman for giving up their time to assist on the camp.

Mr Clee Avard
Outdoor Education Teacher