Year 11 Leadership Day

St Luke’s College is developing a Student Leadership model that looks to build the capacity of students and provide them with the skills to be leaders within the community.

Earlier this week our incoming student leaders from Year 11 had the opportunity to participate in two days of leadership training facilitated by several staff from the College.

The House Captains and Student Executive started day one with a group breakfast, kindly donated by McDonald’s Karratha. Following breakfast, they discussed their leadership journeys and worked on developing communication skills. Led by Mr Correia, they functioned as a team to construct towers – some of the questionable engineering integrity! Next, they were forced out of their comfort zones with Miss Joyce’s iconic drama games and finally established their leadership styles with Mrs Sladen before they began planning for 2022 with their House Coordinators.

On day two our Student Executives collectively developed the values for leadership within
St Luke’s College, which inspired their new motto in line with these values and their purpose; “With the College, for the Community, we Serve”. They also set their goals as a leadership group and began to plan the activities and initiatives they want to implement next year. They have some great ideas and cannot wait to bring them to the College in 2022. The day finished with an art activity where the students worked on a collaborative art piece that expressed their leadership identities and journey. They were very thankful for Mrs Sladen’s art skills and our lovely School Counsellor, Tara, guiding them through the activity.

We have some fantastic leaders coming into Year 12 next year who possess the passion, excellent ideas and one common goal; to build connections throughout the College as House Captains and Student Executive leaders. The College is very lucky, and we cannot wait to see what they achieve!

Miss Sharni-Lee Rowe
Coordinator – Student Leadership