Year 11 Course Selection

Year 10 Subject Selection for Year 11/12

Entering Year 11 is both exciting and a somewhat daunting time. On this page you will find a copy of our Subject Selection Book for next year, our Parent Information PowerPoint Presentation and our Informational video to help you decide on a pathway designed just for you. Students will be anxious about making decisions for their futures, but we assure you that with counselling from their teachers, the Careers Advisor, and the Deputy we will tailor a pathway best suited to their individual needs.

Students entering Year 11 will have five options for the course completion of their WACE (West Australian Certificate of Education). These options are presented in the three informational texts below. As you consider which option will be the best for you and begin the process of selecting your courses for Years 11 and 12, about courses and programs you should talk to your parents and teachers that will work best for you. Bear in mind that you want your options during and after school to meet your needs, interests, and aspirations.

The phase you are about to enter will bring both challenges and rewards. However, by seeking sound advice, making wise choices, and establishing good routines you will be helping yourself achieve your goals. We encourage both parents and students to ask any questions they may have of the school in order to support them in making their decisions.

I wish you all the best for your senior school secondary studies.

Year 11: Course Selection 2021