Year 10 Pastoral Care Day

On Friday 6 August, the Year 10s participated in a Pastoral Development Day.

The initiative focused on the social, mental and emotional needs of adolescents.

The activities on the day sought to break down traditional gender stereotypes and upskill the students with the tools necessary to cope with modern-day issues. The day was broken up into two workshops specifically designed for gender groups.

The program was developed with input from students and parents with the goal to address the social and developmental needs specific to the Year 10 cohort.

The girls’ workshop was facilitated by our pastoral leaders Carly Kinch, Brooke Pollard, Laura Alban and Petrina Sladen. They covered topics regarding positive body image, mental health, social media, bullying, healthy communication and supporting each other. The girls were honest and involved throughout the day, sharing their feelings, experiences and hopes for themselves and their cohort.

The boys’ workshop was facilitated by Wayne Sharpe, Jason Bradley and myself and had a strong focus around positive masculinity. During the day the boys were empowered to open up and share their stories and opinions on what it means to be a good man. They tackled issues surrounding men’s health, leadership, communication, treatment of women, consent and the impact of pornography. There was a strong emphasis on taking responsibility and owning their actions while being encouraged to communicate their emotions and feelings.

The students were encouraged to take off the masks that teenagers often wear to hide their vulnerabilities as they feel the pressures to conform to social norms. Both the boys’ and girls’ sessions were very emotional and powerful days and all the students left feeling closer and more connected to their peers.

The day is part of a holistic pastoral program for students at the College that involve a variety of personal growth and wellbeing activities. Later in the term, we have the facilitators from Tomorrow man and Tomorrow woman run workshops with our Years 10s and 11s. This signature two-hour experiential workshop creates a safe non-judgmental space to explore tricky topics in a relatable way and get to the heart of issues that men are women are facing. Information regarding these workshops can be found on the brochures attached and on the website links below.     

At St Luke’s College, we seek to develop the whole person and days like this go a long way to ensure our students grow emotionally, spiritually as well as academically.

For more information regarding the pastoral and wellbeing programs offered by the College, please contact the Pastoral Leaders at the College.


Adrian Correia
Deputy Principal