Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp

Warambie Station was the ideal location for the Year 10 students to demonstrate their Mountain biking and camp skills last week. The day began with all students demonstrating good teamwork loading the large amounts of equipment and bikes onto the bus and trailer before the hour-long trip to Warambie Station. Set up was first on the agenda, with students choosing where to set up their swags to best capture the views of Warambie Pool. With many of the students feeling the heat already, lunch was had before everyone set off on a 21.5km round trip exploring the station and challenging environment. With regular stops to hydrate and recover, only one unfortunate accident saw someone fall off their bike into some Pilbara spinifex. The return trip provided a breeze for cooling but an unfortunate head wind that provided one last hurdle to overcome before reaching camp. Warambie Pool provided a refreshing swim after the hot and dusty ride which was welcomed by all. Students challenged themselves and should be proud of pushing themselves to achieve some personal goals.

During the evening, students cooked a feast from noodles and Parmigiana on the camp stoves to sausages over the fire. Dessert was Golden Syrup damper on sticks around the campfire and marshmallows. After a debrief students enjoyed the full moon by the pool and an early night.

The next day allowed for a sleep in for some while others began cooking on the open fire and finishing of the supply of damper. Once pack up was completed there was a 7 km ride out to the departure point before a quick bus trip to Point Samson. Ideal weather allowed for a swim at Point Samson, lunch and ice cream before the trip back to school.

The entire camp was an enjoyable one, allowing students to demonstrate their camp skills and their ability to look after themselves in testing conditions. A special thank you to Mr Wayne Sharpe and Ms Kali Oberman for their assistance throughout the camp and to Helen from Warambie Station for access to the property and efforts to muster along the mountain bike track prior to remove cattle.

Mr Clee Avard
Outdoor Education Teacher