Wellbeing Weeks

Wellbeing Weeks allow students time to develop mindfulness skills they can practice in order to manage their stress and anxiety as they approach exams, subject selection pressures, peer group changes etc.

Each day, PCG groups will participate in allocated activities, grouped together in some cases. The activities are designed to support the different interests of our students and are rotated throughout the groups over the two weeks.

Some of these activities include Pancake Breakfast, Healthy Nutrition, Bath Salts, Pet Rocks, Dodge Ball, Sack Races and many more.

Extended PCG will run for all dates below, and students are permitted to wear their correct PE uniform on these days:

  • Week 7 – Wednesday 31 August
  • Week 8 – Tuesday 6 September
  • Week 8 – Wednesday 7 September (R U OK Day activities)
  • Week 8 – Thursday 8 September
  • Week 8 – Friday 9 September