Visiting Author – Dianne Wolfer

English students had the opportunity on Monday to hear the insights and fascinating stories from an accomplished author, Dianne Wolfer who was in the Pilbara conducting research for her latest novel. Dianne has written 20 novels and picture books for children and young adults, many having an historical theme. These linked well with the Yr 10 unit on War poetry and writing. She also conducted a writing workshop for our aspiring Yr 10 writers which challenged the students to write with flair and creativity. The Yr 8 students learnt about anthropomorphism which will allow them to consider writing from an interesting point of view in their short stories. Check out some of her novels such as ‘The Shark Caller’, ‘Lighthouse Girl’ and ‘The dog with seven names’ which are in our school library.


Mrs Lyn Kleynhans
Head of English/LOTE