Student Leadership Workshops

St Luke’s College is developing a Student Leadership model that looks to build the capacity of students and provide them with the skills to be leaders within the community.
A significant aspect of our leadership program is our Student Leadership workshops, run by Mark Clayden from 4theTeam. Mark is a Notre Dame University lecturer and former Deputy Principal and State basketball coach who has a passion for developing leadership potential. Mark works with student leaders at a variety of schools and has been a significant mentor for our Student Executive and House Councilors over the last two years.
The Student Executive completed their final session with Mark after a three-day workshop last year, reviewing and reflecting on their journey over the course of this year and began discussing their plan for their final 15 weeks of school. The students used the term “passing the baton” and plan on working closely with the Year 11 leaders to ensure they have a smooth transition into leading the school in 2022.
The Year 11s interested in putting their hand up for the Student Executive and House Captain positions next year had their first of a series of four workshops with Mark. The group identified individual strengths they had as leaders and discussed how they can best work together as a team to serve the school community. This will forge the beginning of the process for selecting our senior leaders for next year. Students nominating will have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership capacity through activities and events throughout Term 3. At the end of the year students will deliver speeches to their peers who will then vote for candidates they believe will best serve the College. Candidates will then be interviewed by a selected panel of staff who will select students for the various roles based on their body of work and student vote.

The Year 7 to 10 leaders workshop focused on relationships, trust and teamwork, building on their capacity to grow as servant leaders within the school community. House Coordinators were involved in the sessions and will guide the House Councilors on their leadership journey, providing them with opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities throughout the term.

Mark was impressed with the caliber of our student leaders and provided excellent feedback on their performance and potential. Students enjoyed the workshops and are looking forward to 4theTeam returning to the College at the end of the year.