This year’s STEM Expo was planned to take a new tack, with the students working on projects within their various classes throughout the year and then not only displaying their work at the Expo, but competing to see who had constructed the best apparatus. The winners in the various categories would be entered into statewide competitions to represent St Luke’s against some of the best in the state.

Unfortunately, as with everything this year, a little bug disrupted these plans.

Nevertheless, those students who had put a lot of effort into their work needed to be recognised, and thanks to the Karratha Education Initiative, rewarded in a small way for their efforts. Hopefully, next year, all being well in the world, we will be able to enter these competitors into the state competitions and take them to Perth to compete.

The Year 7s competed in a catapult competition under strict guidelines to only be using timber for construction and elastic bands for propulsion. This would normally be conducted as part of their physics unit, but was instead given to the Year 7s as an option to conduct during Term 4. The catapults that turned out on the night were varied and intricate and those students who constructed and competed are to be commended.

Year 7 – Catapult Competition





Cale Buzzard



Dorian Collins



Ella Dale



Year 8s had been working on designing and constructing a bridge using only popsticks, glue and a small amount of string, that would span a distance of 70cm and allow a model vehicle to travel across it. This was constructed during their weekly STEM classes. Hopefully next year we will be able to enter our winners in the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition held at Scitech in Perth.

Year 8 – Bridge Building





Aidan Riddell, Sam Davies, Bart Prasertsit



Archie Freegard, Esther Willett-Green, Ryan Bardsley, Elijah Bruyns



Our solar car construction crews were not only impeded by a lack of class time, but also a lack of sunlight on the afternoon. We are hoping to enter the winning team into the Solar Car Challenge in Perth next year.

Year 9 Solar Cars




Jacob Faux, Kai Kirkwood, Benjamin Thompson, Ned Van Dongen.


The Medieval Machines class was probably the class impeded the most with disruptions to their class time. This led to only one trebuchet being completed by the Expo. With less disruptions next year, we will hopefully have a lot more completed and can indulge in a competition to see which one throws the poor pumpkin the furthest, or even an accuracy competition.

Mr Stuart Dale

Head of Science


Mr Cameron Broad

STEM Academy