Remote Learning

St Luke’s College has developed this page to keep our community informed of decisions, updates and advice relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and Remote Learning. Updates will be provided via email as any new information becomes available.  

The College is committed to the learning of its students during these challenging times. Our dedicated staff are hard at work on establishing methods to deliver effective teaching and learning online while maintaining a focus of pastoral care and development for all our students.


Remote Learning Lesson Plan


  • Will remotely deliver online lessons
  • Will provide all lesson details on SEQTA
  • Will use other a variety of online resourses such as TEAMs and One Note to enhance lessons
  • Will endeavour to answer questions within one school day
  • Will take note of students completing work where possible and will notify parents of concerns


  • Will take responsibility for their own learning
  • Will complete work in a timely manner using the method requested by teacher
  • Students must be ready to complete a lesson on the day it is scheduled or notify their teacher if this is not possible


  • Need to monitor SETQA
  • Need to ensure students are engaged with daily requirements and have internet access
  • Need to communicate with teachers and admin staff via email if they have any concerns

IT Support

The College out sources our IT support with Command IT. If any support is required while students are working from home please contact them directly on the details below.


Remote Learning Lessons Weekly Breakdown

In the event of a school closure, weekly lessons will be reduced in order to ensure students are not overloaded with work. Please see the weekly breakdown of lesson for each subject. Year 11 and 12 students will follow their weekly timetable.

Subject Year 7 Year 8
HASS 3 3
Science 3 3
RE 1 2
English 3 4
Maths 3 (4 ext) 4
PE 1 1


Subject Year 9 Year 10
HASS 4 4
Science 4 4
RE 2 2
English 4 4
Maths 4 5
PE 1 1


Video: How to Check Student Work on SEQTA

Student Wellbeing

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Remote Learning Checklists