Pastoral Care

We provide outstanding pastoral care which ensures the holistic development of each student by catering for their emotional, social, psychological and spiritual growth.

The strong pastoral approach and structures that pervade our school emphasise the development and differences in each individual and their particular gifts and talents.

Friendly Schools

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Provides resources for school teams, teachers, students, parents and families including:

  • What is cyberbullying, what advice can I give my kids on cyberbullying?
  • I think my child is being bullied. What are the signs to look for? How can I help my child seek support?
  • What should I do when a child reports bullying?
  • What is a Friendly School and how do we become one?
  • I have seen bullying taking place, what should I do to stop it from occurring? Is it safe to intervene?

Visit the website or download the Friendly Schools Brochure to learn more!

House Structure

The House system is an integral part of the pastoral care structure in a Catholic school – based upon the presumption that all individuals are made in the image and likeness of God. Each individual in our College is in possession of specific gifts, gifted by the Holy Spirit and our pastoral system aims to awaken these gifts as students grow and develop.
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The Role of the House Coordinator is to ensure the welfare and academic progress of each student in the faction.

The House Coordinator works closely with the Vice-Principal and the Pastoral Care Group teachers to ensure the total care of each individual student.

The College has four Houses named after the local rivers in the region: Fortescue, Harding, Maitland and Nickol.

House Name Motto House Coordinator
Fortescue ‘Strength Through Unity’ Mrs Carly Kinch
Harding ‘Striving to Achieve’ Miss Laura Alban
Nickol ‘Charging to Victory’ Mr Wayne Sharpe
Maitland ‘Seek Excellence’ Miss Brooke Pollard