Pastoral Care Centre

The Pastoral Care Centre is up and running with some amazing activities for our students this term.

The wellbeing activities run here at our Pastoral Care Centre are directed towards the healing, sustaining, guiding, reconciling and nurturing of our students. Our students have engaged in a range of activities including art therapy, finger knitting, meditation, dance offs, creating fishing rigs and more. Students benefit from these activities as they aim to make students feel happy, healthy and socially connected. Our Pastoral Care Team deliver activities that equip students with mindfulness strategies to help manage stress and improve their wellbeing. Students have enjoyed the opportunity to bond with the Pastoral Care Coordinators and each other. The Pastoral Care Team are working on providing online Pastoral Care to our students.

We hope to deliver some student-run activities as well in the future, encouraging our senior leaders to be part of strengthening student wellbeing in our school community.