St Luke’s College Parents and Citizens

St Luke’s College P&C has a proud and long association with St Luke’s College and it plays an important role in the College community, which strengthens the connection between parents, friends, students and the school staff.

A Parents and Citizens Association at any school is only successful if it receives the support and help of the parents and as such we appreciate and encourage you to offer your support either in kind by attending the meetings, or financially via donation.

The St Luke’s College P&C meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 6.00pm. All parents are encouraged to be involved in the association.

2020 St Luke’s College P&C

P&C President Yvette Bendall
P&C Vice President Margie Dow
P&C Treasurer Angela Scott
P&C Secretary Pip Arthur
Principal Alanna Otway
Deputy Principal Adrian Correia

The St Luke’s College P&C Mission Statement is:

“To promote a spirit of involvement and community between St Luke’s College, its students, families and friends, by providing opportunities to share and explore ideas to support school events and activities as well as providing opportunities for fundraising through forums, meetings and social events.”

View the St Luke’s College P&C Constitution.