Mathematics is a subject that teaches learners to think logically, critically and at times “out of the box”. Simply put, maths is about finding patterns in nature and solving problems.

When students are posed with a challenging problem to solve, the age old question is asked, “When am I ever going to use this in real life?”

Mathematics empowers students to persevere when faced with challenging problems. It encourages new pathways in the brain, thus resulting in a more alert and open minded student.

The Mathematics Department strives to:

  • create attentive and persistent Mathematicians
  • create resourceful, self-sustained and mature students
  • provide a positive and supportive learning environment
  • sustain an environment that promotes self-learning

Please see below for some helpful Maths resources:

In upper school we offer Essential, Applications, Methods and Specialist Mathematics courses to cater for the skills and ambitions of all students whether pursuing a course of general study or attaining a ATAR score for entrance to university.