Leeuwin – Youth Explorer Voyages

The Leeuwin Tall Ship will be spending a few months on our shores, running voyages between Dampier and Exmouth, Exmouth to Dampier, and the Dampier Archipelago.  These voyages include weekender and day visits.  The ship is also docking for maintenance and repairs before it heads back to Fremantle later in the year.

Some of our students were selected by the Leeuwin Academy to attend the recent Archipelago Explorer training voyage which ran over a weekend.  Our Year 11 Maritime Operations students were also invited and this gave them the opportunity to accrue sea time.  The voyage explored the Archipelago, leaving Dampier’s Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club on Friday, 13 August and returning late on Sunday, 15 August.

The teams learnt how to tie ropes, climb the masts, and set the sails. These activities give our young voyagers the opportunity to make new friendships, develop leadership and teamwork skills for their futures, and explore a career in the marine or maritime industries.

For more information and how to apply for the voyages, please visit the link: https://sailleeuwin.com/voyage/youth-explorer-voyages/

Here’s what some students had to say about their experiences.

If you ever get the opportunity to sail on the Leeuwin Voyage, don’t think twice about it, just jump aboard!   It was a fantastic experience, learning all these new skills, being resilient and meeting new people. The crew are extremely nice and knowledgeable, and the food was always amazing!! 

Sailing from Exmouth to Dampier was pretty radical. The absolute highlight of the trip was the abundance of whales. Despite having to wake up in the early hours of the night for watch duties, it was always a fun time telling jokes and riddles. 

If you are ever on the Leeuwin Voyage, look past your fears and climb to the top of the mast, it will be the best part of your trip. 

 Harmony Leo

The Leeuwin adventure is a rollercoaster of emotions, with no words to describe the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere with a new family.  Each individual that ventures onto the ship brings their own story, their own unique experience and a willingness to make the most of an adventure out in the unknown. The more you put yourself out there and ready to have a go of anything the more you will take out of the experience. There are times within the voyage where you are feeling homesick or seasick but the only way to overcome challenges is to keep pushing yourself to do any activities offered. The Leeuwin also provides ratings in where they recognise the effort you have put in, leadership qualities, and dedication on the ship, which provides an opportunity of going back onto the ship to be a volunteer. I have been very fortunate to going on the Leeuwin gladly twice, I have been able to receive ratings, so I personally am able to go back on.  On my first trip I received the Bosun’s Mate Award, and the second Voyage I received the Bosun’s Mate, Cook’s Mate and Trainee Watch Leader Awards.   This ship is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should be taken at any time it shows itself.

Sarah Langley

Through challenging activities and interactions with diverse people, this trip has helped to improve my confidence and teamwork skills. Over the course of the trip, we were exposed to line handling, helming, night watches and numerous other tasks needed to sail the ship. To get these jobs done, we were split into ‘watches’. These groups of people became our team and ‘family’ during the voyage. Watches would be allocated a job and would need to work quickly and efficiently as a team to complete the task. This was rewarding as we could see the impact our watch had on the overall journey. The Leeuwin Adventure Program also gave me the chance to improve my confidence. On the Leeuwin I was pushed to challenge myself and to step out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed this as it persuaded me to try new things and to explore my unknown talents.  I even received the Bosun’s Mate and Trainee Watch Leader Awards!!! The greatest part about the Leeuwin Adventure was the people. Everyone had different backgrounds and personalities however we each brought something unique to the table. Without these amazing people I think this would have been a very different experience. I will remember the people and the memories we had for forever!!! The Leeuwin was an amazing experience and if given the chance to go you shouldn’t think twice!!

Bridgette Geary

The Leeuwin II is an exciting and unique experience that tests your boundaries, challenges your mindset, and gives you long lasting memories!

 From climbing to the top of the 33m mast, to helping prepare tasty meals in the gally, you’ll have the time of your life!

 This experience is an amazing opportunity and if you’re thinking of doing it give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed!  I am truly grateful for the opportunity, thank you Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Team!!!

 Jessica Tunstead