In Focus Careers – March 2020

Hi All

If you follow my blog and Facebook you will know how much I campaign for recognition of the power of career educators.

Insanely Great Career Educators change lives. They:

  • help individuals to unearth their best possible futures, and
  • see systemic discrimination and fight to overcome it so that everyone has a fair change.

It is career educators who teach students about the roles of the Fair Work Ombudsman, unions and the Equal Opportunity Commission in fighting for proper pay and fair work conditions.

It is career educators who fight systemic racist barriers to opportunities, who fight sexism that puts girls into traditional, low paid occupations, campaign for a fair go for people with a disability and fight for kids from the bush to get opportunities that city kids have.

Career educators go to work every day and fight for fairness in every class, every meeting and every one-on-one consultation.

We are frequently causing trouble by trying to change systems. We are working to change the world and make it a fairer place.

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Bev Johnson
Chief evangelist for insanely great career education
M: 0434056412