Have Sum Fun

On 19 March, 24 of our Year 7 and 8 Mathematicians competed in the first Pilbara “Have sum fun” hosted by Karratha Senior High School and organised by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA). Present was the president of the association, Dr. Mark West.

The competition consisted of four rounds of eight questions each. Teams of six students had twenty minutes to answer as many questions as possible. There was an additional set of questions for bonus marks in case of a tie.

The night was tremendous fun, and all students and teachers enjoyed the competition.  In the end it was a nail-biter with a three- way tie.

Congratulations to first place winners, The Mathletes (Kai Wann, Eloise Kratochvill, Ailey Peacock, Max Barnett, Lily Corker and Cale Buzzard) from St Luke’s College.  And a very close second to The ᴫ-rates (Lucas McDougall, Toby Nunn, Brian Nguyen, Ella Dale, Roxy Adams and Lawson Giltinan).

We would like to thank all the contestants and a special thanks to Karratha Senior High School for hosting the event and MAWA for organising the ‘Have sum fun’ competition.