First Day 2020

After a well-deserved summer break, St Luke’s College has commenced the 2020 academic year with a special welcome for the newest members of the community.

On Monday, the Year 7 students and their parents were welcomed by staff with a warm gathering in the gym. Parents had an opportunity to meet their child’s PCG teacher and have a coffee with other parents.

With a few tears shed and many photos taken, it was time for parents to wave goodbye to their sons and daughters for the day.

The Year 7s were supported by an impressive number of our Year 8 to 11 students who volunteered their services coming to school on the last day of their holidays. These fine young leaders were excellent role models, guiding the future class of 2025, showing them everything from opening locks and how to navigate the College grounds, to the best food to order at the canteen. The students finished the day with an Amazing Race around the school where the students had fun while learning about significant information about the College.

Our Year 12s began their final year at the College a day early to prepare them for a big year ahead. Eager to start on a good note the cohort was all smiles as they got their minds back into gear after a relaxing break.

Our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders also returned to school a day early to begin their training under the guidance of Ms Tipa. With a variety of fun, interactive activities these students developed their leadership skills to ensure they were prepared to lead the Year 7 peer support activities throughout the year.

Students from Years 8 to 11 returned to school on Tuesday to complete the student community, gathering in the Gym for a brief assembly. Principal, Mrs Alanna Otway, spoke to them, advising each student to cherish every moment throughout the year and encouraging them to always give it their best. College Captains Jasper Otway and Jazz Van Dongen introduced the Student Exec team and reminded the student cohort to thank their teachers after every lesson, starting the 2020 with gratitude to set the tone for the year.