Fees and Charges



The provision of a Catholic education at St Luke’s College recognises that there are a series of constraints imposed by financial considerations. A key factor is the commitment that parents are asked to undertake to support the college by payment of fees. The Fees Policy will apply to all families without exception.

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The College accepts various methods of payment such as via cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card, BPAY or via direct debit and credit card payment arrangements.

Download the Payment Plan Authority Form

Download the Application for Enrolment Form Variation Authority

Health Care Card Holders

St Luke’s College will discount fees for holders of a means tested Health Care Card. The subsidy discounts tuition fees (tuition only, not including any component of charges for camps etc) to a limit of $1,400. All other costs are in addition to this amount.

To qualify for this subsidy parents must have a current means tested Health Care Card and complete the application form available at the College Office.

There are also a number of Commonwealth and State Government financial assistance programmes that families may be entitled to including AUSTUDY, ABSTUDY, State Education Allowance and State Book and Clothing Allowance.