Drone Remote Pilots Licence EOI for students

Since we are in isolation with the current Covid-19 pandemic, we found a hobby that may interest some students!  Global Drone Solutions are offering a ‘Civil Aviation Safety Authority Remote Pilot Licence’ (RePL) course to all students aged 15 years and up.  I would like to extend an ‘Expression of Interest’ to all students.  Please find attached some information about the course, the Drone Club and drones at work.

The course is online and self-paced consisting of 11 modules.  On completion of the online coursework, students will attend a two-day practical component to practice and demonstrate their skills and knowledge in flying drones – dates to be advised.

Students will need their own drone to practice their flying skills, these vary in price – there are three categories of recommended drone types which can be purchased online or through the recommended Perth Drone Shop in Bayswater:

  • Kogan Nano Drone
  • DJl Tello EDU
  • DJl Mavic Pro

Drones are having a big impact on a broad range of industries, including mining, oil & gas, telecommunication, construction and agriculture. Wherever you look, drones are helping make the world a better place.   Global Drone Solutions are looking at a partnership with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to offer drone pilot licence training to our students. Understandably becoming a drone pilot is exciting, but it will also equip our young people with skills which are in high demand when they leave school and join the workforce.   Global Drone Solutions are offering the course to students at a reduced fee of $750 per student to obtain their licence. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in your child obtaining their Remote Pilots Licence.

For the course to go ahead, we will need a minimum of 10 students to run the course at the reduced fee offered by Global Drone Solutions.  This will also enable us to have a trainer from Global Drones run the two-day practical assessment.  Please note, additional costs may apply since we would have a trainer visit our students to instruct and assess over the two-day practical, dates to be advised.

If we receive a positive response, we may have the opportunity of offering a Certificate III in Aviation (Remote visual line of sight) for future Year 11/12 students!

For more information please email carol.potter@cewa.edu.au.

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Carol Potter