Design and Technology

Our Motto: Let’s make learning Fun

Our main aim in Design and Technology is to engage the students in the variety of subjects we offer. The idea is for the students to have some fun while they learn. In Year 7 and Year 8, students have opportunities to learn about technologies in society at least once in the following technologies contexts: Engineering principles and systems; Food and fibre production; Food specialisations; and Materials and technologies specialisations. Students are provided with opportunities to design and produce products, services and environments.

While enjoying this learning experience, we build on concepts, skills and processes developed in earlier years, students complete the relevant theory and safety precautions so that they are able to independently operate tools and machinery in the workshop. We strive for students to reach their full potential and gain confidence in approaching any given problem.

In Year 9 and Year 10, teachers will revisit, strengthen and extend the skills of students as needed, through the electives on offer. Students are given the choice of General Engineering (Welding and Fabrication or Electronics contexts), Marine Studies, and Resistant Materials (Metal, Wood and Plastics). This will allow for a pathway to Year 11 and Year 12 where we will offer Materials Design and Technology (Metals) as well as Engineering Studies (Mechanical or Mechatronics).

Food Technology

The Food Technology course gives students the opportunity to practise both academic and practical skills in the kitchen. Students will learn the hands-on skills of culinary arts, along with health, safety, and hygiene requirements of home and workplace cooking environments. Students have the opportunity to prepare and cook meals weekly where they develop skills in cooking, hygiene, self and time-management, cooperation, and teamwork. We also provide weekly theory lessons which cover a variety of topics including: nutrition (all grades), influences on food choices and diets (Year 9), International food study (Year 10), the nature of food, processing food and food in society (Senior Years 11 and 12). The goal of Food Technology is to provide sound nutrition knowledge so students have the tools required to make healthy dietary choices while developing cooking skills and techniques that build confidence in the kitchen.