Cyclone Procedure

St Luke’s College would like to remind parents of the school procedures which are to be adopted if a cyclone threatens our area.

The prime concern of the school is to have your children at home before the wind makes it dangerous getting home.

The website will also be updated unless there are power cuts or extenuating circumstances.

Each morning after a cyclone, information will be provided on the radio at 774 AM as to whether the school will open at the usual time. This information will remain current for the whole day.

If a Yellow Alert is likely to be declared at some time during the school day the school will not open, children remain at home.

If the school is to close, this information will be broadcast between 6.30pm and 6.45pm, and between 6.30am and 6.45am on:

  • ABC Radio 6KP – 9183 5011
  • Spirit Radio 6KA – 9144 4333

The closure advice will be repeated each morning until the decision to re-open the school is made.

If the school is declared closed at 6.30am, it will not open at all during the day, even if conditions improve.

Please keep yourself informed via the radio, until all threat from the cyclone has passed.

Click here to download the leaflet.

Further information regarding cyclones can be found at