Our teachers are passionate about the courses they deliver and their enthusiasm for learning is transferred to their pupils. 

Students undertaking an ATAR pathway at St Luke’s College are provided with an intimate and personalised education that caters for the best results.  Small classes enable one to one teaching and our focus is that no student is left behind. The current average class size for students undertaking an ATAR pathway is five students, which holds St Luke’s as a positive point of difference when compared to other schools.

Students developing positive study techniques is essential and the College invests in providing study skills training. Tutoring for each of our ATAR courses is available afterschool weekly and provides students with the opportunity to develop greater understanding of the topics taught in class. Revision Seminars for each subject is provided twice a year, firstly prior to midsemester exams where teachers from Perth travel to Karratha and again in July, where students are flown to Perth for Revision Seminars.

At St Luke’s College our timetable is built around the courses the students select in Year 10, this enables us to create the most opportunities for the students at our College.

Below is a list of ATAR courses undertaken by our students in 2019.

ATAR Biology

ATAR Chemistry

ATAR Geography

ATAR Health

ATAR Human Biology

ATAR Modern History

ATAR Maths Applications

ATAR Maths Methods

ATAR Maths Specialist

ATAR English

ATAR PE Studies

ATAR Physics

ATAR Psychology

ATAR Religious Education

In 2020 the courses we deliver may change, depending on the courses the current Year 10 students select.