Armed For Life

This week the College had Adam Przytula from Armed for Life working with our students.

Armed For Life is an organisation driven by the goal of helping children, teenagers and adults develop resilience and increase their wellbeing and mental health. Armed for Life encourages students to share their stories and help them deal with struggles they may face in their own lives. They seek to provide students with the tools to deal with personal issues and life problems. They promote the importance of healthy living and creating a culture where it is acceptable to ask for help.

Armed For Life workshops are designed to educate and equip people to be able to deal with the challenges that we face in life. These workshops encourage and inspire people to make positive choices to build into their lives and their future. Each topic uses a blend of stories, humour, activities and information to engage high school students, ensuring that the message is communicated effectively.

For Year 7, the focus was on developing healthy friendships, building resiliency, developing respect, and dealing / preventing bullying.

The Year 8s spoke about self-esteem, cyber safety, screen/social media/gaming addiction, coping mechanisms and creating self-awareness to deal with and regulate emotions.

The Year 9s looked at decision making, health and wellbeing, dealing with stress and building healthy relationships.

The Year 10s worked on stress management, building a resiliency scale, health decision making and constructing a strong self-worth.

The workshops received very positive feedback from the students, and they all seemed to have a lot of fun.