A Day In The Life

This year St Luke’s College trialed ‘A Day in the Life: Year 7’ with students from St Paul’s Primary School. The program gave students an experience which was fun, engaging and manageable, so that, when the time comes, there is nothing for them to be concerned about. 

The Day supported our desire to create a smooth transition from primary to secondary school. Students were carefully guided into the routine of high school. The day started with Pastoral Care Group, where the daily notices are read and students prepare their thoughts for the day. They then participated in a range of subjects that they will do in Year 7 such as: English, Science, Technology, Physical Education, Visual Arts and more. The all-time favorites were Science and Physical Education.

This is a critical point of transition giving students the opportunity to build important foundations for the six years ahead. It is a day when friendships are formed, independence is fostered, and staff work together to create an environment that is vital for students to achieve their best.