2021 STEM Expo

St Luke’s College held its annual Stem Expo on Wednesday, 17 November 2021 where students were able to showcase some of their work from this year. Works included monstrous trebuchets from the Year 10 classes, solar cars and noisy skill testers from the Year 9s and some videos of the STEM experiments the Year 7s had been undertaking in Food Technology classes.

What most students and their parents were there to see though, was whose bridge, made entirely from pop-sticks, was going to hold the most weight before collapsing. The current record is an impressive 21kg which students needed to beat.  Taylor Cork did an extraordinary job, coming close with her bridge, holding an impressive 17kg before collapsing. This was a long way ahead of the second placed team of Brian Nguyen, Dorian Collins and Cale Buzzard – leaving the record still standing for next year!

The Year 7s were not to be outdone though, as they had designed and built catapults to conform to certain restrictions and were firing projectiles, marshmallows, down the length of the Gym. Taking the win by just 10cm was Isaac Habermehl over Riley Corbett.

The idea behind the competitions is to recognise and reward those students who engage and show a desire in the various STEM opportunities open to them here at St Luke’s. Once COVID restrictions have settled down, we would like to send our top competitors to compete in State competitions to see how they stack up against the best.

This is all made available to our students through the Karratha Education Initiative, funded by the Woodside-operated North West Shelf project.