2019 STEM Expo held at St Luke’s College

For the first time in several years the Science and Design and Technology Departments got together to organise and run a combined STEM Expo to showcase the work and opportunities available to the students in the younger years at St Luke’s College.

While the highlight of the night should have been Mr Subramoney’s oratory skills explaining and demonstrating the solar cars and mechatronics, it just might have been pipped by the Year 7’s and their catapults. The students were firing their deadly cargo, marshmallows, off the stage and down the length of the gym, which was lined with spectators. Their initial shots were met with polite applause as they reached out as far as 5 to 8 metres, but then the stakes got serious with a few reaching past the 10 metre mark.  That was until Bart Prasertsit stood up and launched his marshmallow to nearly the other end of the gym! Thirty metres was reached and it was clear that nobody, and not even the roof, was safe.

Thank you to all staff from both the Science and Design and Technology Departments, along with the students who participated and the parents who supported them. We look forward to making it bigger and better next year.