2019 Book Week

This year, Book Week was once again very well supported by both students and staff. The English Department worked hard to provide a variety of activities that appealed to the students.

Mrs Broad aroused the curiosity of many students by wrapping up an assortment of books so they could not ‘judge a book by its cover.’ The mystery books were chosen based on only a few key words, and hopefully the readers enjoyed the surprise!

Students were challenged to guess the books their teachers love reading in the ‘Reading is OUR superpower’ competition. This led to much debate and hopefully the students were inspired to read some of the teachers’ favourites.

The Extreme Reading competition showed us how much our students love reading – even enjoying their books in weird and wonderful places! The Most Creative award went to Sam Buick (Year 10) and The Most Unusual place to read was shown by Fiona Raj (Year 7).

The highlight of the week was the Costume / Dress–up day! Thank you to the many students who got involved and had some fun. The costumes this year were amazing!

The staff were not to be outdone, spending many hours perfecting their costumes. The result was an amazing assortment of characters who created a festive atmosphere around school for the day.

Each House chose three winners and then the finals were held at lunch time. The winners were:

First:  Victoria Phillips (Year 12)

Second:   Dinoshan Subramoney (Year 8)

Third:  Emma Guthrie (Year 12)

The Best Dressed Teacher was Mrs Cohn

Well done to all who participated in the activities. We look forward to doing it again next year!